Tips on Choosing LED Lights

Often doing a variety of activities at home to be hampered due to the use of incorrect light. Especially when the move at night, like when reading a book or other busy. In addition to the inside of the house, lights outside the dwelling also need to be considered to maintain security. Incorrect selection of lamps can result in a bloated electric bill. Based on the following issues interesting tips about the selection of the right led linear for your dwelling


The first step, replace the light bulb in the dwelling with a light bulb LED (Light Emitting Diode). The LED bulb is the most energy-efficient lighting available today, consumes less energy than a bulb in general and holds up to 25,000 hours or more than 1000 days.

Choosing a good light color in every space of your home. For light color, the LED bulb is measured with a Kelvin (K) unit. If you like a more yellowish light, choose a 2700K bulb. For those fond of white light, you can use a 4000K and 5000K bulb if you want whites

Choose LED bulb according to type. There are two types, a clear and opal bulb – also known as a milk color bulb. Clear light bulbs are preferred for lamps and hoods designed to create shadow patterns on the walls. While the opal bulb is used to get the light spread evenly throughout the room.

LED bulbs are also present in several shapes and sizes. A chandelier bulb spreads light like a candle and is perfect for decorative lights. While the reflector bulb can be used for activities that require directional light, such as reading, while the light bulb is A-shaped like an incandescent bulb.

The last tip to consider in buying a LED bulb is the Color Rendering Index (CRI) that can show the bulb’s ability to display the true color. Starting from zero to a maximum of 100 – which can show natural light.

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