Advantages of Using LED Lights

Before we go any further about the advantages and advantages of using led lights, it helps if you know in advance about what LEDs are, and what is meant by the LED light. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. While the LED itself is a semiconductor that can change the electrical energy into the light at the time the tool is bypassed electric current. So, in essence, the LED will become radiant if there is an electric current through it. If you already know about LEDs, it’s time to know what LED lights are. Thus, led linear lights are lights whose source of light comes from a collection of LEDs that can be used for lighting.


1. LED lights are more energy efficient

The advantages of the first LED lights are these lamps are more energy efficient. If you were previously made dizzy due to a bloated electric bill, now try using LED type lights. Therefore, this lamp has a very small power consumption that can reduce your electricity consumption every month. If your electricity usage is decreasing, is not that an advantage for you? Yes, you are getting more frugal. With increasingly light electricity costs, you can automatically reduce your spending. The thing that makes LED lights saving is its Watt size is getting smaller. Currently, LED lights are available in sizes up to 3 watts. Wow, very small right? So do not be surprised if the LED lights are said to save electricity energy consumption by 90 percent.

2. Long endurance

For those of you who do not like mutually lights in your home, then the LED light is the solution. This lamp is quite durable so you do not have to often replace your lights are often dead. LED lights are much more durable. The LED light can last up to 50,000 hours or if used 10 hours per day means it can last up to 15 to 20 years. Apparently, the durability of LED lights also affects your pocket. Imagine if you’re using an ordinary light that every year has to replace it. You also have a lot of money to spend for 15 years. But if you use LEDs, at most only replace it once in 15 years.

3. LED light is not hot

Another advantage of LED light is the light it produces is not hot. That means the LED will not make the room in your house becomes hotter again.

4. LED light does not contain Ultra Violet

For those of you who care about health, it’s time for you to replace ordinary lights in your home with LED lights. Why? Because LED light does not contain UV light (Ultraviolet) that can damage the eyes and skin. Indeed UV damage cannot be felt in a short time. But if exposure to UV rays about you every day, of course, the effect will certainly be felt. So, replace the lights in your home that emit UV rays with the latest LED lights.

5. LED light is more environmentally friendly

Why are LED lights said to be environmentally friendly? In addition to UV-free light, LED lights do not contain mercury. You need to know, that mercury substances that can damage the ozone layer and interfere with human health. If you use ordinary energy-saving lamps and breaks, then the mercury content in them can be inhaled by humans. The mercury toxins can interfere with breathing and our health. Well, that will not happen if we use LED lights.

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